1. moffatisatroll:

    so when muggleborns went to Hogwarts did they ever like leave so they could go to a dentist appointment or something

  2. mugglebornaus:

    Non American muggleborns muttering under their breath during potions because the wizard world hasn’t switched over to metric yet.

  3. mugglebornheadcanon:

    455. A muggleborn convincing other students Barty Crouch Jr. is an alien with two hearts and have the videos to ‘prove’ it.

    (Source: sorrowlicher)

  4. jewsians:

    My favorite Harry Potter theory is that the reason the people around my age didn’t get their Hogwarts letters is because Voldemort was in power in 1994 so none of the muggle-born wizards would’ve had their names put on the official list, and that is why we weren’t invited to go to school there.

  5. mugglebornheadcanon:

    14. As a senior year prank, the 7th years charm the plates and goblets at the feast to start singing “Be our guest”

    (Source: the-wifi-life)

  6. cosmicglitter-universe:

    Imagine a muggleborn bringing whatever handheld gaming system they have to Hogwarts and their pureblood roommate getting so confused.

    "What is that?"

    "This? It’s called a Nintendo DS."

    "… What does ‘DS’ mean?"

    "… I actually don’t know."

  7. http://sunandalsoflowers.tumblr.com/post/88921921693/theres-a-lot-of-muggleborn-headcannons-going


    There’s a lot of muggleborn headcannons going around but may i add to the mix the parents of muggle borns

    Like i can just picture muggle parents forming a PAC (parent’s advisory council) to force the professors at Hogwarts to listen to their opinions because the professors before were like well…

  8. somanyfeelingssolittletime:

    no but you don’t even understand how badly i want to be a muggleborn at hogwarts

  9. queenferre:

    Imagine muggleborns from poor families coming to Hogwarts and being amazed at the fact that they can eat as much as they want. Poor muggleborns who realize that they don’t they have to worry about where they’re gonna sleep.

  10. silverhardt:

    but dude, imagine muggleborns being called mudblood and then retaliating with a muggleborn joke.

    pureblood: outta my way mudblood

    muggleborn: well hello, Angelica Pickles, would you want me to fetch your Cynthia doll as well?

  11. an-awful-lot-of-vegetables:

    No but just imagine: it’s dinnertime at Hogwarts on October 31st. The Halloween activities are going on just the way they usually do. Then somewhere amid the chaos, a lone Muggleborn begins to sing

    Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange

    And pretty soon every Muggleborn in the room is chanting


    just picture how confused everyone else would be

  12. mugglebornheadcanon:

    579. A muggleborn brings a sonic screwdriver to Hogwarts and gets all the purebloods hooked on Doctor Who. Eventually, one of the seventh years enchants the sonic for the muggleborn so that it actually works as a thank you present.

    (Source: i-am-superwhomarvellocked)

  13. mugglebornheadcanon:

    68. Muggleborns get a toaster to work at hogwarts, but don’t tell the purebloods what’s going to happen so then when the toast pops out instantaneously it scares the living daylights out of the purebloods and they all scream bloody murder.

    (Source: fihyn)

  14. Ok but imagine


    Two witches crashing into each other at Platform 9 3/4, and sitting together on the train, and having a grand old time - then being sorted into different houses and never speaking again.

    Ravenclaws obsessively studying and getting sleep deprivation, and maybe a little malnourished, because…

  15. jamdoughnutmagician:

    Imagine one day a muggleborn student in a really quiet lesson just very subtly says “bogies” and then all the other muggleborns join in. Then all the purebloods just look amongst each other in complete state of confusion about what’s happening.

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